Hybrid Dual Metallic

It’s time to get inspired by the beautiful shimmering shades of new Hybrid
Dual Metallic – unique to Pentel.

Unlike ordinary gel rollers Hybrid Dual Metallic pens produce iridescent colour that reveals a different shade when you look at it from a different angle.

The effects are truly magical – like the aurora borealis, or the sheen of the
wings of a humming bird!

And, if you write on white paper and then dark coloured paper, you’ll see two
different shades produced by the same pen.

Perfect for drawings, cards, designs, adult colouring and beautiful illustrations Hybrid Dual Metallic is like no other gel pen.  So, get ready to enter a whole new world of colour and creativity!


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One Pen, Two Shades

Colour and Sparkle Like Never Before!


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8 Shimmering Metallic Pens 

With Hybrid Dual Metallic you can write in two different shades on dark or light coloured paper, using the same pen.  Turn your page to the light and you’ll see the full iridescent effects of these fantastic new pens.

Black/Metallic Red

Orange/Metallic Yellow

Violet/Metallic Blue

Gold/Metallic Gold

Silver/Metallic Silver

Pink/Metallic Pink

Green/Metallic Blue

Blue/Metallic Green